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F-16 incident closes Chiayi Airport

Archive footage of F-16 jets at Chiayi.

F-16 incident closes Chiayi Airport

Archive footage of F-16 jets at Chiayi.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chiayi Airport was closed for about three hours Wednesday due to an incident involving an F-16 fighter jet, the Air Force said.
Taiwan has 115 F-16 jets bought from the United States in order to bolster its defenses against China.
At 10:49 a.m. Wednesday, one of the jets returning from a routine training mission shook uncontrollably during landing and ended up on one side of the runway, reports said.
An investigation revealed light damage to the aircraft, with a loosening of the main left wheel in the landing gear being blamed, reports said. Nobody was injured during the incident, according to the Air Force.
Because the jet was left in its original position by the side of the runway, Chiayi Airport was closed down until after 2 p.m.
A Uni Air flight from the offshore island of Kinmen which had been due to land in Chiayi around 11 a.m. was diverted to Kaohsiung, reports said. The Air Force apologized for the inconvenience to civilian passengers.
Taiwan’s F-16 jets have suffered several accidents over the years, with the most recent fatal crash occurring during a training flight in Arizona last January, when a Taiwanese trainee died.

Updated : 2022-05-21 18:29 GMT+08:00