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HTC working with Japanese game supplier to promote Vive in Tokyo

HTC working with Japanese game supplier to promote Vive in Tokyo

Taiwan-based smartphone brand HTC Corp. is working with Japanese game software supplier Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. to promote its first virtual reality headset -- the HTC Vive -- in Tokyo.

In partnership with Bandai Namco, HTC has set up five VR zones in Tokyo featuring large arcades that give visitors the opportunity to experience the fun of Vive by trying such programs as skiing, operating a train and fighting zombies at an abandoned hospital.

The collaboration comes as HTC is seeking to take Vive to large shopping malls in Japan in an effort to attract more consumers, after Vive became available at retailers in Japan in July.

Jack Tung, president of HTC North Asia, said it was necessary to take advantage of the arcades, which he said will generate VR business opportunities.

Japan-based Bandai Namco is an arcade developer and mobile and home video game publisher.

In touting the business model that combines HTC Vive and arcade hardware and software developers in Japan, Tung said the model will be expanded to Taiwan and China in the future.

Tung did not rule out the possibility of seeking cooperation with other Japanese video game developers and publishers in addition to Bandai Namco. (By Esme Jiang and Elaine Hou)