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Keith Olbermann bringing political commentary to GQ

Off TV, former MSNBC host is brining political commentary to for a web series to air twice a week

Keith Olbermann bringing political commentary to GQ

NEW YORK (AP) -- You didn't expect Keith Olbermann to keep quiet during the last two months of a presidential campaign involving Donald Trump, did you?

GQ magazine said Monday that it has named the former MSNBC host as a special correspondent. Starting Tuesday, Olbermann will air a web series on twice a week on the 2016 election and other news topics.

Olbermann has been off TV since leaving ESPN for the second time.

GQ released a "teaser" video of Olbermann at a desk made to appear it was in the Oval Office, saying Trump could end up someplace looking like this. "Not if I can help it," Olbermann said.

Updated : 2021-08-01 20:08 GMT+08:00