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Editorial: Labor and capital need to work together to benefit each other

Editorial: Labor and capital need to work together to benefit each other

Editorial: Labor & capital should work together

The recent conflict between the capital and labor in Taiwan is centered on the issue of “overworking” and “disparate treatment” of the labor force on the surface, but the root cause is really the fact that “Taiwanese bosses are not satisfied with their employees, while the country’s workers do not like their bosses either.”

In fact, everyone wants to be able to live, and every enterprise wants to be able to sustain.

In order to live, individuals have to work to make money whether they are “blue-collar” or “white-collar” workers.

And for enterprises, they have to make profits in order to sustain. Besides paying for employees’ salaries, enterprises also have to pay for utilities in the working environments, rents for the working spaces, office supplies, costs of management and accounting, etc. Therefore, profits are made after the expenditure is deducted from the income. So an employee has to contribute to the company’s income at least 1.5 times of his or her salary to benefit the company. If you are a boss, you will think the same way, too.

As enterprises have to rely on their employees to make profits, they should treat their employees well and take good care of them.

The point is that when benefits are heavily slanted towards employees, enterprises will wither or even close down, and their employees will suffer in the end. When benefits are slanted towards enterprises, competitive employees will leave for better opportunities, and remaining employees could become tired, ill or lazy, resulting in poor work quality and performance and ultimately business closure due to worsening profit problems or damaged reputation.

The issue of how many days off a week for workers in private sectors has made the conflict between the labor and capital even more evident. Whether “one official holiday and one vacation day a week” or “two official holidays a week” will prevail in the end, both sides ultimately have to adjust and work together to benefit each other in the long run.

Updated : 2021-07-30 19:47 GMT+08:00