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Israel's top court upholds contentious force-feeding law

Israeli Supreme Court upholds contentious force-feeding law, says it stands up to moral standards

Israel's top court upholds contentious force-feeding law

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's Supreme Court has upheld a contentious force-feeding law, deeming it constitutional.

Court documents obtained Monday say the law found a "delicate balance" between the value of human life, public interest, right to dignity and freedom of expression. In its ruling Sunday, the court said the law ensures medical and legal oversight.

The law allows Israel to force-feed a hunger striker if his life is in danger, even if the prisoner refuses.

Israel passed the law last year following a spate of hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners over their detentions without charge. Israeli authorities worry that a prisoner's death could spark unrest.

Israel's medical establishment has protested the law, saying the practice amounts to torture. So far, there've been no reported instances of a prisoner being force-fed under the law.

Updated : 2021-05-06 22:05 GMT+08:00