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Taipei and Farglory reach consensus on Taipei Dome

Taipei and Farglory reach consensus on Taipei Dome

Taipei and Farglory reach consensus on Taipei Dome

Taipei City Government has decided to temporarily withhold its right to terminate its contract with Farglory Group for the building of the Taipei Dome, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je announced Thursday.

The announcement came one day after the developer submitted a letter of consent to the government’s request to improve the public safety of the project.

“Let’s give the Taipei Dome a chance to be reborn,” said Mayor Ko in a press conference.

The government will keep on monitoring the whole project carefully, and if the Farglory Group still failed to meet the requirements, the government will exercise the right to terminate the contract, Ko added.

The Taiwanese conglomerate on Wednesday finally agreed to the city government’s demand to improve safety issues of the Taipei Dome, a multifunctional stadium originally scheduled to complete construction by 2014, but was delayed mostly due to financial issues and quarrels with the government over public safety.

The developer in a statement agreed to all of the city’s demands, and presented a package of improvement measures and suggestions to the government right before the three-month deadline.

The Farglory Group has been working on this project for almost 13 years with construction over 80 percent complete, which is believed to be the reason for the developer to give in to the government’s demands, a city government aide said, according to media reports.

Updated : 2021-06-14 11:46 GMT+08:00