Citizen proposes removing priority seats in Taipei metro

Citizen proposes removing priority seats in Taipei metro

Priority seats, which are primarily provided for elderly people, the disabled, pregnant women and children, are often left empty on Taipei Metro trains even when a carriage is packed, as most passengers shy away from seating on the dark blue seats, and are afraid that people would look down up them, thinking that a healthy looking person should not occupy a priority seat.

A Taipei City citizen recently made a proposal on the National Development Council’s web-based public policy platform, suggesting that canceling priority seats on Taipei metro could avoid many misunderstandings and arguments. The proposal has been endorsed by 1,607 people so far, with 3,393 more to pass the threshold.

While some passengers are prejudiced on “priority seats”, there have been numerous arguments resulting by so-called “misappropriation” of the priority seats. The proposal indicates that the negative impacts might put pressure to those who are genuinely in need.

As argued in the proposal, public awareness in Taiwan is already highly developed, as most passengers on public transportation are willing to yield their seats to those who are in need. He also mentioned, “Canceling the priority seats would not change Taiwanese people’s politeness and virtue, but would minimize many arguments. ”

If the proposal passes the threshold, authorities are required to respond within two months.