New Taipei City’s tallest building, Mega Tower, is the Far Eastern Group’s most recently completed project, which is located next to Mega City Department Store. The highest floors, from 48F to 50F, have been designated by Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu to be designed into dining levels. He also named it “Mega 50.” Commissioned to Far Eastern Group’s long-term partner, Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd for its operations, Mega 50 is not only the hotel group’s first off-site food and beverage venture in the world, but it is also New Taipei City’s first international five star dining and banquet brand.

Starting this May, Mega 50 gradually rolled out the opening of the Chinese Restaurant, Moon Pavilion (48F) and Asia 49 (49F), both garnering highly positive reviews and response. Taiwan’s highest buffet restaurant, “Café 50” (50F) will launch its grand opening on Thursday, August 25th. Before October 31st, the restaurant will welcome guests with a special price (please see the table below). With its ultimate, stunning view, a myriad of trendy, gourmet offerings topped with the friendly, affordable prices, Café 50 is bound to be a great hit. For reservations, please call (02)7705-9700 or the direct line at (02)7705-9723.

Taiwan’s Highest Buffet Restaurant with Ever-changing Views
New Taipei City’s new landmark, the 5th tallest building in Taiwan, Mega Tower is 213 meters tall. Standing erect right amid the central area of the New Banqiao district, the skyscraper’s cylindrical shape offers panoramic, epic scenery of both Taipei and New Taipei City.

“Mega 50” is designed by award-winning architect Gary Chang from Hong Kong translated that feature into the impression of climbing a mountain, in other words, an elevated journey eventually leading up to a place surrounded by clouds. Therefore, the theme of the interior design echoes the beauty of mountains and clouds. On the top floor of the building at “Café 50,” which seats 200, the ever-changing seasonal views of the city and the surrounding mountains are visible through the 200cm tall, large windows, where guests look afar and brining their expansive, breath-taking view right in front of them. The skylines of the two cities are also stunningly alluring both during the day and night.

Situated in the skyscraper, Café 50’s unrivaled view as the highest buffet restaurant in Taiwan serves up an array of culinary offerings while reaching a new milestone for the domestic food and beverage industry.

Chinese American Head Chef with Exceptional Culinary Skills
Head Chef Jason Lin holds dual citizenship from Taiwan and the United States. Born in 1973, the 43 year-old chef graduated from the Academy of Culinary Arts in the United States and has close to 20 years of international culinary experience on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S. and several renowned restaurants & hotel in Taiwan during his tenure. While working in the U.S., he has served President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Will Smith, Jessica Alba, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other Hollywood stars and political and public figures. At Café 50, he will be serving up his specialties, utilizing the bountiful local seafood and seasonal farm produce, as well as premium, imported ingredients to offer the trendiest and coolest dining experience at a friendly price.

Café 50: Unique Cuisine Offerings
As the highly anticipated first five-star buffet restaurant in New Taipei City, as well as the highest of its kind in Taiwan, Café 50’s serving station routes were personally planned by Anurag Bali, Shangri-La’s Director of Corporate F&B – Projects & Development. Then, Head Chef Jason Lin completes the project with the ensuing execution.

Café 50 dishes out more than 100 kinds of diverse offerings, including the debut of Hot Stone Cuisine and NO2 Ice Cream. In particular, the Hot Stone slabs are lava rocks from volcano eruptions, which are shaped and processed. These slabs are often served in high-end cuisines, and they are different from the hot plates (teppan) found in regular restaurants. First, the stone slabs must be placed in a specialized oven and heated up to 350 degrees Celsius, then, the food ingredient is placed on the slab and immediately served to the guests. This method maintains a high temperature while sealing the meat’s gravy, while producing a sizzling sound. Its key feature is the ability to ensure that the first bite and the last bite would be equally hot. Some of the featured offerings include, Korean Short Rib, Carne Asada, Salt Baked Ice Fish, Pork from Yunlin County’s Happy Pig to name a few.

As for the NO2 Ice Cream selections, seasonal fruits such as mangos, watermelon, red guava, as well as truffles, chocolate and vanilla are on offer. These flavors are added to the fresh milk, cream and sugar as the base. During each meal period, two different flavors of NO2 Ice Cream will be served. The all natural food ingredient is completely additive-free, and it is instantly frozen with liquid nitrogen at negative 196 degrees, creating a smoky effect. Then the frozen ingredients are mixed, and under a minute, a serving of an exquisite, silky and all natural ice cream is ready to impress!

Head Chef Jason Lin has lived in the U.S. for many years. Since he returned to Taiwan in 2010, he has served as the Executive Chef for several five-star hotels. He has observed that most of the buffet restaurants serve very similar offerings. This time, he fully utilized his solid Western cuisine training and the influence from his own cultural upbringing and his experience in the United States to present a unique take on the contemporary, trendy cuisine as well as a fusion style inspired by his creative edge.

Chef’s Specialties
Some of this Chef’s Specialties include “Tiradito,” which is a Peruvian version of a spicy Ceviche. It is prepared with raw fish, drizzled with a mixture of green chili, lemon juice, chopped shallots and olive oil. His rendition of California rolls are offered in 3 to 4 flavors per meal period, one of the specialties is his Philly Roll flavored with Passion Fruit and Wasabi. As for the “Kimchi Pork Belly,” it is a localized version of the Kimchi Pork Loin that was served to President Obama. Chef Lin believes the Asians like Pork Belly, and he used the time-consuming method Sous-Vide method, creating a marinade of traditional Korean chili sauce, garlic, scallions and pepper which is rubbed onto the pork belly and placed into an air-tight bag and refrigerated overnight. The next day, the pork is slow-cooked for 8 hours at only 65゚C in the bag. Then, the meat is removed, sliced and seared shortly to bring out the aroma. It is served with special kimchi and chili sauce. Not to be missed is the American B.B.Q. Pork Rib, which is prepared a spice rub that includes a mixture of thyme, cumin, coriander seeds, ginger powder, garlic powder, chili powder, ground pepper and sugar. The large section of the pork rib is evenly covered with the spice rub and marinated overnight. On the next day, the pork rib is placed on top of the shredded onions and drizzled with some water before being wrapped with aluminum foil and grilled for 4 hours. The gravy is then removed, fried with onions and tomato sauce until it reaches a thick consistency. Finally, Tabasco is thrown into the mix and then rubbed on top of the barbecued pork ribs. For a finishing touch, the part of the ribs that is close to the bone is slightly grilled again before cutting them up for plating and serving. These meticulous steps ensure that the ribs are extremely tender and irresistibly aromatic.

In addition to the starring highlights, the daily line-up includes sashimi, cold seafood, sushi rolls, salads, Asian food station and desserts to name a few.

Mega 50 can be found at Mega Tower, 48F–50F, No. 16, Xinzhan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. For more information, please visit www.mega50.com.tw.