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TRA to operate 203 additional trains during Moon Festival

TRA to operate 203 additional trains during Moon Festival

TRA operates 203 more trains for Moon Festival

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) announced on Wednesday it will operate 203 more trains in addition to its regular schedule during the Mid-Autumn Festival long holiday, and that the booking of trains for this holiday period begins on Aug 31.

After intensive negotiation with the Taiwan Railway Labor Union, a consensus on the issue of overtime work during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday had been reached, The TRA said. They have agreed to ratchet up the railway transportation capacity the same way as during the Chinese New Year season, the TRA said, adding that during this period all freight trains will be suspended to meet the personnel need for operating the additional passenger trains.

From Sep 14 to Sep 19, the TRA will operate a total of 203 additional trains across Taiwan on top of its regular schedule, the TRA said. During the period, there will be 163 additional trains for the Eastern Line (the South Link Line included), including 76 Tze-Chiang Limited Express trains, 46 Chu-Kuang Express trains, and 41 Fu-Hsing Express and Local trains; and 40 additional trains for the Western Line, including 30 Tze-Chiang Limited Express trains and 10 Chu-Kuang Express trains, according to the TRA.

With the additional trains, the transportation capacities of the Eastern Line and the Western Line will be increased 24 percent and 5 percent, respectively, during the period compared to the regular capacity, the TRA said.

The discounted fare for the additional 18 Local Express trains from Shulin Station to Luodong Station during the period from Sep 15 to Sep 18 is only NT$100 each, the TRA added.