Traffic control to be enforced on highway to Mt. Hehuan during Moon Festival

Control on road to Mt. Hehuan on Moon Festival

Traffic control will be enforced on the highway to Mt. Hehuan from Sept 15 to Sept 18 during the Mid-Autumn Festival long holiday, the Directorate General of Highways (DGOH) said on Saturday. The DGOH said the one-lane section of Provincial Highway14a between Cuifeng at the 18 kilometer mark in Nantou County and Tayuling in Hualien County, between which Mt. Hehuan is located, is too narrow to accommodate the heavy traffic that is expected during long holidays. As accidents and traffic jams often happened within the section during traffic flow peaks and the fact that the roadside slopes are dangerous as they are steep, the DGOH said it had decided to enforce traffic control at the section during this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival for the first time. During the control time from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day during this period, all vehicles except for those of guests who stay at the Song Syue Lodge and the Ski Hostel, public transportation vehicles, B-class tour buses with passangers and official vehicles, are banned to enter the section. During the control time, Nantou County police and DGOH’s section staff will be stationed at both ends of the section to enforce the control. Provincial Highway No. 14a begins at its parent route in Wushe, a village in Ren-ai Township, Nantou and ends in Dayuling in Xiulin Township, Hualien. The highway provides access to the tourist attractions of Cingjing Farm and Mt. Hehuan. The total length is 41.6 km. The highway’s highest point at Wuling, at 3,275 metres above sea level, is the highest automobile pass in Taiwan. The road, which is narrow and winding throughout, often becomes clogged in winter, when many locals travel up the mountain to see snow.