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Changhua promotes better understanding of foreign workers

Changhua promotes better understanding of foreign workers

Taipei, Aug. 3 (CNA) The Changhua County government has released 12 promotional videos on the working conditions faced by foreign nationals in Taiwan to raise awareness of laws and regulations related to foreign workers in the country.

The videos, unveiled at a press conference at Changhua County Hall, are part of an effort by the county government to promote a friendlier environment for foreign workers at a time when they form an important part of the county's and of the country's workforce.

Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku said at the press briefing that workers' rights are universally acknowledged human rights and that Taiwan should not amend laws to create one set of rights and benefits for domestic workers and another for foreign workers.

The promotional videos are based on these concepts and give people a better understanding of the laws and regulations that protect foreign workers, he said.

Changhua County has a stake in how foreign workers are treated, Wei said, because more than 40,000 foreign nationals are employed there, with 30,000 working as manual laborers and more than 10,000 serving as long-term caregivers.

With Taiwan's low fertility rate, the country may soon encounter manpower shortages that will create even greater demand for foreign workers, which is why Changhua wants to foster a more favorable environment for workers from abroad, Wei said.

The Changhua Department of Labor Affairs said the 12 promotional videos are based on different themes to present the working lives of migrant workers from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other countries and their interactions with local employers.

The videos will be broadcast nationwide, it said. (By Wu Jhe-hao and CNA intern Theresa Tsai)