Taoyuan Airport new control tower designed after ‘Queen's Head’


Control tower designed after 'Queen's Head'

The design idea of a new air traffic control tower at Taoyuan International Airport now under construction came from the "Queen's Head," an unique geological formation and iconic image of Taiwan, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said Tuesday. The "Queen's Head" is located at Yehliu Geopark, a premier tourist destination in northern Taiwan and home to a number of unique geological formations. The CAA said a French design team, which eventually won the bid of the control tower design project, had come to survey Taiwan and the "Queen's Head" had inspired them to create the winning design. The new control tower, located between the first terminal and the second terminal, will have a delicate curvy shape with the side facing the first terminal being white in color to match the white curvy roof of the first terminal and the side facing the second terminal being metallic to match the terminal's metallic style, the CAA said. The CAA said the new control tower will be 62 meters in height, 16 meter taller than the current tower, to allow air traffic controllers a 360 degree view and improved aviation safety by eliminating certain blind spots on parts of the runways. The new control tower will be equipped with a new automatic system to meet the need of an increased number of flights arriving and departing the airport for the next 20 years, the CAA said, adding that the new tower will have a capacity to service 400,000 flights, almost double the number of last year, which stood at more than 220,000.