No video of vessel's operations room in missile mishap: prosecutors

There was no surveillance video in the operations room of the Chinchiang-class corvette, which accidentally fired a missile that killed a fisherman July 1, prosecutors said Sunday.

Kaohsiung district prosecutors boarded the corvette for the third time since the missile incident two days earlier to collect evidence and said no video recording device had been set up in the operations room of the naval vessel.

There is no video recording of what transpired in the operations room when the missile was fired from the southern port city, said Huang Yuan-kuan, deputy chief prosecutor of the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office.

Huang also responded to concerns about the bail granted to Kao Chia-chun, a second class petty officer that fired the missile, and Chen Ming-hsiu, a chief petty officer who left Kao alone in the middle of a supposedly simulated firing procedure, since they may conspire with each other after their release.

The prosecutor said the two released officers posed no such risks since they were detained and questioned separately after the incident.

The two officers' quarters and lockers on the corvette were also searched and their mobile phones seized to check if they contacted each other after the incident, Huang added.

There has been no evidence pointing to the rumored conspiracy or alleged leak of government secrets, according to Huang.

The Ministry of National Defense admitted human error in the accidental firing of a Hsiung Feng III missile, which hit a fishing boat near Penghu, killing its skipper and injuring three crew members on board.

On the day of the incident, the ministry announced disciplinary actions taken against military personnel, while prosecutors are investigating the legal responsibilities of the parties involved in the deadly event.