International Biennial Print Exhibit to kick off at the NTMoFA


Biennial Print Exhibit kicks off at the NTMoFA

The “International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2016 ROC” is held in Galleries 101 and 102 of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) from June 25 to August 28, 2016, showing 205 outstanding prints from 36 countries. The “International Biennial Print Exhibit: ROC” has been held twice a year without a halt since its launch in 1983, and has become one of the oldest print biennials in the world. This event has not only expanded domestic artists’ visions and offered them a chance to compete at an international level and show their works, but has also fostered international exchange in this field. Peru Luis Antonio TORRES VILLAR Rise; Series Reconquest 2014 Woodcut 150x150 cm Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Hsiao Tsung-huang, noted that “this biennial enables the people of Taiwan to appreciate remarkable prints made by global artists and to observe the world’s printmaking trends,” adding that “By looking at the nationality of the award winning artists, we can tell that their artworks were chosen not only fairly, but also openly and carefully. ” Poland Magda SZPLIT Identity 2015 Linocut 129x88 cm In 2016, 1,240 artists from 80 countries registered for the competition. What’s worth observing is that unlike before, some of this year’s awardees come from South and Central Americas. This year’s Gold Prize winner is Luis Antonio TORRES VILLAR, a young artist from Peru. Orlando MARTINEZ, one of the winners of the Special Jury Prize, comes from Colombia. Turkey Kübra GÜRLEŞEN Inter_Face 2015 Digital print 95x140 cm Polish artists have prevailed over the years. Of the 15 awardees, four are from Poland, including Magda SZPLIT, a young female artist who won the Silver Prize. Bronze Prize winner Kübra GÜRLEŞEN hails from Turkey. Most winners of this year have all come from countries that were rarely seen in the past.