Kaohsiung to kick off Cijin black sand festival on July 2


Cijin black sand festival to kick off on July 2

The best way to avoid the summer heat is to go swimming, and the best place to go in Kaohsiung City is the Cijin Beach, where there are sand sculptures, concerts, beach volleyball, night running and other activities during the Cijin black sand festival from July 2 to September 4, said Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government on Thursday.

The bureau announced the festival on Thursday and invited all people to come to Cijin to swim, eat seafood, enjoy the sand sculptures, and participate in night running.

Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau Director Tseng Tzu-wen said the Cijin Beach had undergone crises of beach disappearance, but after the city government’s beach nourishment project, the beach has been restored to its original shape, and safety of swimming at the beach is also enhanced.

Tseng especially recommended the sand sculpture light show that will give the sculptures special light effects, which she said will be a delight for people walking on the beach on weekend nights.

On weekends, all sorts of activities, such as swimming at the beach, summer night rock concerts, night running, sand volleyball, black sand photography competition, and sand sculpture competition, are sure to make this year’s summer more fun, Tseng added.