Dacun Station in Changhua freshened up to promote grape industry

The train station in Dacun Township in Changhua County has come alive with new installation art and decorations to let travelers know they're in the heart of Taiwan's grape industry.

The county government worked with the township on the project to freshen up Dacun Station's look, which was completed in mid-May, to promote the upcoming grape harvest season and try to attract more visitors to the county.

Grapes are a big deal for Changhua County, which accounts for nearly half the grapes grown in Taiwan, and Dacun made the most sense for the promotion because it has the longest grape-growing tradition in the county, according to Changhua's agriculture department.

Visitors are greeted at the entrance to Dacun station by a plastic grape doll figure, and they can enjoy posters with grape-related images as they go from the station hall to the train platforms.

One giant wall display beside the ticket windows in the station hall features Taiwan's oldest grape tree -- a 57-year-old Kyoho grape tree believed to be the mother of other kyoho grape trees in the country.

Most of the posters and decorations, however, are concentrated on the two platforms and are designed to be easily seen by passengers in trains that pass through the station without stopping.

The county's agriculture department hopes that the displays will brand Changhua County as Taiwan's grape hub in the minds of passengers riding past the station.

Dacun Station Master Chang Wu-sung said he appreciated the county government's efforts to spruce up the station's appearance and make it stand out, and he believed the new look would help promote the local specialty.