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A taste from the past at Lin Antai Historical House

A taste from the past at Lin Antai Historical House
A taste from the past at Lin Antai Historical House

A taste from past at Lin Antai Historical House

The Lin Antai Historical House, one of Taipei's oldest residential buildings, is hosting the “Century of Peace and Stability” permanent display area starting Wednesday (May 25).

Besides a rich collection of artifacts from Taiwan’s early days, the event organizers display food and cuisine models to provide visitors a peek into traditional meals on different occasions in the old days.

The display area, comprising six sections, will make people get nostalgic about the past life, according to Taipei City’s Department of Civil Affairs.

In addition to the displays at the mansion, visitors can also play a game of collecting different color prints (4 colors total) hidden at various places in the house to complete a unique postcard as a souvenir.

In addition to stationary exhibits, the Lin Antai Historical House will also be holding various activities on Saturdays through November 2016.

The first Saturday of each month will be dedicated to handicraft lessons at the “Lin Antai Workshop;” the second Saturday of each month will feature “Experience of the Season,” offering participants a ‘taste’ of seasonal food and delicacies; the third week will introduce visitors to “Children’s Fun of Dadaocheng;” and the last Saturday of each month will be reserved for conducting rituals for “Shouxian” and “Zuazou” babies and young kids.

This Fujian-style 30-room house was first erected between 1783 and 1787, near what is now Dunhua South Road. In the 1970s, the home was set to be demolished for the purpose of road widening. Thankfully, public opinion saved the day and the house was painstakingly dismantled and, in 1983, rebuilt on this field in Xinsheng Park. The historic house is notable for its central courtyard, swallowtail roof, period furniture and window sculpture.