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OhBear cheers up runners and promotes local tourism

OhBear cheers up runners and promotes local tourism

OhBear cheers up runners and boosts tourism

A total of more than 3,200 people participated in the Taoyuan Marathon on May 22, including OhBear, Director of the Tourism Bureau’s Super Task Force, who came not to run but to cheer up the runners and make small talks with them, inviting them to explore Taoyuan local culture and the neighboring attractions.

Not only shouting out cheers for runners, OhBear also reminded them that running complemented with leisure travel and visits of local culture and industry will make the trip most healthy and enjoyable.

The event organized by a civil road running association was divided into full marathon, half marathon and 4-km runs and all finishers regardless of their groups got a finisher’s medal.

The running took place on the path along part of the Shihmen Reservoir area and the neighboring highways.

The reservoir running route is a 4-km path that surrounds the downstream weir. Circling the water, the path offers tranquil views of the surrounding mountains, with gentle breezes and refreshing mists accompanying the runners on the running journey.

The small mountain to the west of the Shimen Dam is roughly 550 meters in altitude. With no higher ground nearby, a visitor at its peak can take in the beautiful scenery of the reservoir as well as the streets of nearby Longtan and Daxi.

The Shihmen Reservoir area offers beautiful lake and mountain views all year-round but with different feelings. For example, during autumn, this area is a great place to watch the transformation of leaves, especially during winter when the maple trees turn into a brilliant shade of gold.

Moreover, the Shimen Reservoir area is in close proximity to over a dozen attractions, and therefore can serve as a good base for exploring that part of Taoyuan.

Updated : 2021-05-07 07:05 GMT+08:00