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Most Taiwan workers do not see postgrad degree as job guarantee: poll

Most Taiwan workers do not see postgrad degree as job guarantee: poll

More than 80 percent of workers in Taiwan think that an advanced degree does not guarantee a good job, the online job bank yes123 said Tuesday, citing a poll it conducted recently.

According to the poll, 83.7 percent of workers think it not that easy for people with master's degrees or higher to land a good job since more and more people are earning such qualifications in Taiwan, the job bank said.

This is an indication that the value of postgraduate degrees is depreciating in the local job market, the job bank said.

The poll showed that only 20.6 percent of workers with undergraduate degrees are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies as a means of securing a better job.

Among workers with master's degrees, only 12.5 percent plan to pursue a doctorate as means of increasing their competitiveness in the job market, according to the poll.

It showed that 48.9 percent of employees feel they are being paid below the level of their education, while only 5.7 percent think they are receiving a salary in line with their educational qualifications.

Meanwhile, 78.2 percent of workers are of the view that they stand a better chance of landing a good job if they can learn a special job skill or secure a vocational license, the survey showed.

In that group, 20.8 percent estimated that a special job skill or vocational license would boost their monthly pay by about NT$5,000 (US$153), while 19.9 percent anticipated an increase of NT$3,000.

Among the 1,324 respondents in the poll, 10.3 percent said that a master's degree was a requirement of their job.

The survey found that while employees with a master's degree generally earn NT$2,949 more per month than those with an undergraduate degree, 29 percent of workers see no difference in pay based on those degrees.

The job bank said that in order to survive in Taiwan's job market, employees must have the ability to work under pressure and deal with risks.

A good employee is also creative and knows how to carry out their superiors' orders, the job bank said.

The survey, conducted May 3-20, had a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.69 percentage points.

Updated : 2022-01-19 15:57 GMT+08:00