Cat rescued after being caught in mouse glue trap

Cat rescued after being caught in mouse glue trap

The New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office recently shared a case of a rescued cat that was caught in a mouse glue trap, and explained methods to help animals in the same situation.

The office said it received the report in late April that a cat was stuck on a mouse glue trap in Wugu District.

The cat, still stuck to the glue trap, was taken to the office's animal shelter in the district, where a veterinarian sedated the roughly 3-month-old animal and spent two hours removing it from the trap, using cooking oil to dissolve the glue, according to the office.

The cat was restored to good health by the shelter and has been adopted by a local resident.

The office said it occasionally sees cases of animals such as birds and snakes caught on mouse glue traps, and suggested that people encountering such situations use cooking oil to reduce the stickiness of the glue before trying to separate the animal from the trap.

The glue that stays on the animal can be removed with the oil or by further applying flour to the glue and then washing with soap, according to the office.

Updated : 2021-01-25 07:01 GMT+08:00