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Taiwan to see sunshine, high temperatures this weekend

Taiwan to see sunshine, high temperatures this weekend

After a brief spell of rainy, overcast weather, much of Taiwan will see sun on Wednesday, and temperatures could rise as high as 34 degrees Celsius in western Taiwan over the weekend, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Tuesday.

The bureau said a weather front currently hovering over Taiwan will bring intermittent rain on Tuesday, with precipitation most likely in southern and eastern Taiwan.

The mercury should rise to 30 degrees in the daytime and could even reach 33 degrees in central and southern Taiwan.

Forecasters said southwesterly winds are expected to affect Taiwan starting on Wednesday as the weather front moves away, increasing the chances of sunshine. But they warned there could still be thundershowers in the afternoon.

The heat should pick up between May 27 and 30, when Taiwan comes under the influence of a strong high pressure zone over the Pacific.

The Central Weather Bureau is forecasting highs of 34 degrees in western Taiwan and of 30-32 degrees in eastern Taiwan during that time. (By Chen Wei-ting and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-05-12 23:33 GMT+08:00