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Student’s short film wins NICE IFF award

Student’s short film wins NICE IFF award

Student's short film wins NICE IFF award

A Taiwanese short film, The Day to Choose, directed by Soochow University student Leon Lee, has won the Best Lead Actor in a Foreign Language Film from the 2016 International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema NICE.

Lee, a senior of German Department, said that he regarded the abolition of death penalty, a controversy packed with political considerations, is ultimately a philosophical issue. Therefore, he left an open-ended closing for viewers to come to their own conclusions.

Executive producer Cheng Kuang-Yu, director of the university’s Chinese Language Center, said he saw Lee’s potential in the campus film festival and decided to help him realize his dream.

The script was a joint creation by Lee and Cheng. The 20-minute film took them three days to shoot, three months to edit, and a total of NT$600,000 to produce.

Cheng said they tried to follow Hollywood’s technique of a commercial thriller to deal with such a controversial issue as capital punishment. Given enough freedom Lee proved that art and commerce are not necessarily incompatible, Cheng said, adding that the result was astonishing.

They said that they hope the international recognition from winning the award can encourage more young Taiwanese actors and film making professionals to compete on international stages and show talents.