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Former Legislative Yuan official indicted on corruption charges

Former Legislative Yuan official indicted on corruption charges

Former LY official indicted on corruption charges

The Taipei District Prosecutors Office on Monday indicted 13 people, including former Legislative Yuan Secretary-General Lin Hsi-shan, on charges of violations of the Anti-Corruption Act, the Government Procurement Act, and the Money Laundering Control Act.

According to prosecutors’ investigation, Lin has been suspected of requesting staff at the IT department of the Legislative Yuan to accommodate Far Net Technologies Co in several computer software and hardware procurement proceedings.

Lin is also suspected of leaking important information of procurement to Far Net Technologies owner Lee Pao-cheng, so that the company could win the tenders.

For return, Far Net Technologies Co paid bribes to Lin accumulating more than NT$39.5 million.

Beginning to conduct searches and interrogations in January, prosecutors concluded the investigation on Monday and indicted 13 people in connection with the case, including Lin, Lin’s wife, Liu Hsin-wei, seven other Legislative Yuan staff members, Lee, and three other Far Net Technologies employees.