Designers renovate signboards at Dazhi market

Taipei Design, Action! held by Taipei City's Department of Culture Affairs is now in its fifth year. A special feature “Small Shop Signboard Manufacturer” put together tradition and renovation, and matched designers with stand owners in Dazhi market to give a new appearance to the traditional market. Designers including Yung-Chen Nieh, Wei-Da Lin, and Yu Feng unveiled their works Thursday at the Dazhi market. Illustrator Dada (Wei-Da Lin) said that her idea came from the name of the shop, so she combined the name with the illustration by using different materials and textures. Aaron Nieh (Yung-Chen Nieh), the designer behind President-elect Tsai Ing-wen’s inaugural stamp mentioned that customers in the market come from different social classes, and he hopes to give a neighborly feeling to customers, so the design of the stand’s signboard must be friendlier than his previous design. To release a lovely and soft feeling, Nieh chose to add three-dimensional action figures to the stand design, which lures customers more easily. Designers also indicated that the biggest challenge was to create a harmonious and comfortable market environment while balancing the need of the stand and overall appearance of the market. They also talked about the process of communicating their design ideas with stand owners that they sometimes have to give in to some factors while sometimes they choose to insist on their design quality, hoping to bring a positive impact that enables design to take hold in the market. Li-Chu Lee, the vice commissioner of the Taipei City Government's Department of Culture Affairs, indicated that the design and production fee for each signboard is NT$50,000. The first 52 signboards are expected to be launched in late May this year. A total of 100 signboards are going to be completed by 2017, enabling the new designs to take hold in the street and in the market.