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Inspections of expired food treatment to begin in May: EPA

Inspections of expired food treatment to begin in May: EPA

Inspections of expired food treatment to come

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on Monday said it will launch inspections of expired food treatment in May to make sure food business operators follow related regulations.

The EPA, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), the Council of Agriculture, and representatives from the six municipalities jointly held a meeting to discuss the topics of expired food products and kitchen waste management mechanism and surplus food utilization.

According to EPA statistics, every year a total of about 13.000 tons of expired food products are treated as waste, with convenient stores, supermarkets and restaurants outputting most of the expired food products. Most of the food business operators hired waste management organizations to handle these expired food products for them, the EPA said.

EPA Department of Waste Management Director-General Wu Sheng-chung said the department will join hands with the MOHW to launch inspections of expired food treatment. The inspections will be carried out by local inspection units across the country, Wu added.

Wu singled out Taichung City for its policy to encourage food business operators to set up near-expiration food products area and sell them at special prices to cut down food waste, as well as for its establishment of the “food material exchange platform” in 2014, which uses fresh foods that don’t look appealing to consumers to help the needy.

An official from Taichung City’s Social Affairs Bureau said the exchange platform has helped an average of 2,300 underprivileged households every month since its establishment.

Updated : 2022-05-18 18:08 GMT+08:00