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Eighteen pedestrian bridges in Taipei to be demolished

Eighteen pedestrian bridges in Taipei to be demolished

18 pedestrian bridges in Taipei to be demolished

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has approved a project to tear down 18 pedestrian bridges before the end of 2017 due to their low usage rates.

Ko said in August last year that he had ordered the city’s Public Works Department to make an evaluation of 59 pedestrian bridges and 34 underpasses within the city limits in six months to determine their fate, adding that the initial cost for demolishing all of them was estimated at around NT$200 million.

The evaluation was completed last week and its result was approved by Ko on April 11.

According to the result, 18 pedestrian bridges and 34 underpasses in the city will be torn down in this year and next.

Five of the 18 pedestrian bridges are located in Xinyi District, accounting for more than one fourth of the bridges on the waiting list.

The department said that a budget of NT$35 million for this year’s demolition work has already been approved by the city council, and the budget for next year’s work will be proposed.

The 18 bridges are respectively located at Xinyi Road and Keelung Road, Youngji Junior High School, Yongji and Songlong, Xing Ya Elementary School, Zhong Xiao and Linko, Song Shan Elementary School, Gu Ting Elementary School, Lungshan Elementary School, Wanda and Changtai, Rixin Elementary School, Chengde and Minsheng, Muzha Elementary School, Examination Yuan, Nan-Gang Elementary School, Yanping and Zhongzheng, Chengde and Jili , Fu Chiang pedestrian bridge, and Shipai Elementary School.

Updated : 2022-05-18 17:32 GMT+08:00