Academia Sinica president returns

Academia Sinica President Wong Chi-huey

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Academia Sinica President Wong Chi-huey returned to Taiwan Friday and met with President Ma Ying-jeou while still pleading innocent to allegations of insider trading.
After the accusations broke last month, Wong first tendered his resignation and later asked for leave until April 14. He spent the time receiving medical care in the United States, where he also holds citizenship.
After returning to Taiwan by way of Japan Friday noon, he apologized and told the throng of reporters waiting for him that he was absolutely not guilty of insider trading.
The allegations arose because shares in the biotechnology firm OBI Pharma Inc. which he had given to his daughter, painter Wong Yu-shioh, were sold shortly before negative test results of the company’s major cancer drug project were announced.
The nation’s top academic is also being investigated for tax evasion in connection with his donation of shares to his daughter.
Wong visited the Presidential Office to meet President Ma Ying-jeou at 2:30 p.m. Friday. He reportedly defended his case, but no longer tendered his resignation, which Ma turned down twice.
Legislators also passed a motion requiring Wong to answer questions about the case during a committee meeting as soon as he returned to Taiwan. The session could take place as early as April 18, reports said.
As Wong met the president, prosecutors reportedly summoned OBI Pharma Chairman Michael Chang for questioning. The businessman has repeatedly defended the academic against the allegations.
Wong’s fate has become embroiled in the transition from Ma to President-elect Tsai Ing-wen, with the question being who should nominate a successor. Wong’s ten years at the head of the Academia Sinica ends in October, but Ma could pick the next top academic before Tsai is sworn in on May 20.