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Taipei 101, E-Da World work with WeChat on mobile payment

Taipei 101, E-Da World work with WeChat on mobile payment

Taipei, April 7 (CNA) Taipei 101, the landmark skyscraper in Taipei's Xinyi District, and E-Da World, one of the largest shopping malls in southern Taiwan, have been working with China's WeChat on mobile payments, the two shopping centers said Thursday.

Since WeChat, or Weixin as it is known in China, is the flagship mobile social messaging app of Chinese e-commerce operator Tencent Holdings Ltd., the cooperation with the messaging service provider's payment platform WeChat Payment is expected to attract Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan, the two shopping centers said.

According to Taipei 101 and E-Da World, WeChat has 697 million active users. On the back of such a large customer base, business opportunities through the cooperation with the WeChat Payment platform, which is a peer-to-peer transfer and electronic bill payment system, is expected to be tremendous.

From now on, Chinese tourists are able to use the WeChat payment method to pay for their purchases in the stores of Taipei 101 and E-Da World, and banks in Taiwan will settle the purchases and pay the vendors in Taiwan dollars. The move to work with the WeChat Payment system targets not only the large number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan but also the increasing number of Chinese tourists arriving in Taiwan for transit purposes.

WeChat Payment users are able to use their smartphones to pay their bills by simply scanning QR codes provided by vendors, a move that provides shoppers with greater convenience and is expected to boost buying interest.

In addition, WeChat Payment will provide discounts to its users and encourage them to take advantage of their preferential status online.

In addition to the Chinese yuan and the Taiwan dollar, WeChat supports settlements denominated in a wide range of currencies, such as the British pound, the Hong Kong dollar, the U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the Euro, the New Zealand dollar and the Korean won, according to media reports.

About 60 percent of WeChat's active users use the WeChat Payment services, the media added. (By Esme Jiang and Frances Huang)

Updated : 2022-05-18 16:53 GMT+08:00