Ang Lee returns home to proud Taiwan public

李安載譽歸國 台灣民眾感到驕傲

Ang Lee returns home to proud Taiwan public

A shy smile broke across his face as the award-winning film director contemplated some words of wisdom for the youth of Taiwan.


Seconds passed, Lee Ang finally looked up and said, “Live an honest life. Always be true to others and above all, to yourself.”


The Taiwan-born, U.S.-trained Lee personified his motto, staying true to his cinematic passion, despite of years of unemployment and rejection. In 2000, Lee rose to international fame when his“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

台灣出生、在美國受教育的李安,儘管失業與被拒多年,仍舊實踐個人座右銘 — 對電影保持熱情。2000年,李安以「臥虎藏龍」躍上國際影壇,並贏得奧斯卡最佳外語片大獎。

At age 51, Lee has won acclaim as one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers. His latest love epic“Brokeback Mountain”swept four awards at the Golden Globes, one of them for Best Director.


Speaking about the movie, which is a strong Oscar runner, Lee said the desire to make the film was sparked when he first came across the book four years ago.


He said the film is more than just a story about homosexuality.


“Brokeback Mountain”describes a forbidden romance between two cowboys who first met as sheep ranch hands during a stolen summer. The conflict escalates when the men reunite four years later, each married with children, and discover they still have intense feelings for each other.


For 20 years, the men are forced by the society to live under a macho facade by disguising their true identities. Only when they are in the privacy of the open Wyoming mountain ranges can they unreservedly be themselves.


Lee, noting that homosexuality is still a somewhat taboo subject in the film industry, said that he was surprised at the overwhelming accolades“Brokeback Mountain” received in Europe and the United States.


Such acceptance, said Lee, proves that love has no culture barriers.


When it comes to deep human emotions, there is no distance to far for people to connect, said Lee, adding that the movie details the complexity of human emotions.


The common denominator of his films can be summed up in a Shakespearean quote,“And above all, to thine own self be true.”


Updated : 2021-04-13 20:56 GMT+08:00