First Hello Kitty painted train passes by picturesque East Rift Valley

1st Hello Kitty train passes by picturesque valley

Rail fans and farmers let out sighs of amazement as they saw the first Hello Kitty Taroko Express train speeding past picturesque paddy fields along the verdant East Rift Valley on Monday.

The first Taiwan Railways Administration’s Hello Kitty painted train set off from Shulin Station at 10:38 AM on Monday for a journey to Taitung City.

The train came into the Taitung County part of the East Rift Valley around 2 PM and was greeted by rail fans who had been waiting at the Chihshang bridge, the Yuemei bridge, and the entrance of the Shanli tunnel to watch the train pass by.

Famers stopped work to waive to the colorful train as it whizzed past paddy fields that were covered with newly planted rice seedlings.

At 3:04 PM the cutely painted train pulled into Taitung Station, the destination, to the roars of Hello Kitty fans and rail fans who had been waiting on the platforms.

A father surnamed Lee was surprised and excited to see the train unexpectedly. He said he didn’t pay attention to the date, and therefore didn’t notify her daughter, who is a Hello Kitty fan, of the coming of the train.

The train stayed at the platform for about 20 minutes, during which time fans and passengers alike boarded the train to take photos.

The Hello Kitty painted Taroko Express train will depart from Shulin Station to Jhihben Station (train No. 426) and from Jhihben Station to Shulin Station (train No. 441) on March 25; from Shulin Station to Yuli Station (train No. 5236) and from Yuli Station to Shulin Station (train No. 5239) on March 27, according to the TRA.

Beginning from April 21, train No. 426 and 441 on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the Hello Kitty train, the TRA said.