International meeting on policies and practices of home care workers to take place

On May 17th, the Far Eastern Group Y.Z Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation and the National Taiwan University will organize an " international symposium of Asian countries on policies and practices of home care workers." The seminar will invite 20 foreign scholars to discuss policies and practices of long-term care and other related topics.

The "Long-term Care Services Act," which will be implemented this year, will establish a long-term care law system, integrate long-term care service systems, and set up long-term care services that will expand to rural areas. A total of 760,000 people who can't take care of themselves are expected to benefit from this care system.

Because of the insufficiency of care workers in Taiwan, many families choose to hire foreign care workers, and according to statistics, their number has soared to 22 million people. But except for Taiwanese care workers, foreign care workers have to work overtime or suffer from employers' harsh treatment, overshadowing the image of Taiwan's human rights. This situation is similar in neighboring Asian countries. The symposium is to be held for the purpose of developing a model of regional cooperation in Asian countries and a comprehensive long-term care system.

National Taiwan Academy of Social Policy Research Center and the Far Eastern Group Y.Z Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation will organize the "International Symposium on foreign home care workers" and invites 14 renowned international scholars from Japan, Australia, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and other six countries, as well as six well-known scholars in Taiwan, to talk about policies and practices.

The seminar will examine the status of foreign home care workers and propose suggestions to improve their quality of life and human rights status, and help them to adapt life in their home countries after they go back.

On the basis of the "Long-term Care Services Act,the meeting will try to establish a long-term care service system, thus ensuring the quality of service, guaranteeing long-term care workers' dignity and rights, and allow foreign care workers a more friendly place to work.