NTM to invite Indonesian writers to share their literature

Can you imagine that the migrant caregiver in your house might be a talented writer? The National Taiwan Museum is opening its backyard this Sunday to have three writers who used to be migrant workers share their works and their creative process. Each of them faced ups and downs in life with a positive attitude. Writers who are attending are Justto Lasso, who once won the writer of the year award given by the Indonesia radio station, Tantri Sakhina, one of the founders of the NGO “KOMPIT” (Komunitas Pelaut Indonesia), and Ryan Ferdian, who used the reward to build a library in her own hometown. In addition to the Indonesian writer’s workshop, NTM also partners with the Chinese Association for Foreign Spouses & Labors' Voice, and the National Museum of Taiwan Literature to hold the 2016 Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants press conference on the first floor. Migrant workers' literature is a literary form written by migrant workers, migrant caregivers, and foreign spouses in Taiwanese society. The Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants provides a literature platform for the Southeast Asian migrants who are living or used to live in Taiwan to write about their own life experience or life stories, and make it into part of Taiwan’s history. The Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants has been held for three years; with the first prize topping NT$100,000. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/tlam.since2014.