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Taiwan's fight for comfort women's rights gains U.S. media attention

Taiwan's fight for comfort women's rights gains U.S. media attention

Washington, March 10 (CNA) Taiwan's efforts to fight for the dignity and rights of women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II -- known euphemistically as "comfort women" -- have received attention from the U.S. media.

A photo that shows former Taiwanese comfort woman Chen Lien-hua wiping away tears during a ceremony unveiling the nameplate of a museum dedicated to Taiwan's "comfort women" was published as part of a story headlined "Celebrating International Women's Day around the world" in The Washington Post's Morning Mix blog on March 8.

The story also included another photo of President Ma Ying-jeou at the ceremony. Chen's picture, meanwhile, was also among a collection of photos published on the Voice of America's English website to mark International Women's Day.

On March 2, Taiwan's representative office in the United States held a screening of the documentary "Song of the Reed," which covers the later years of former Taiwanese comfort women, at the Twin Oaks Estate.

Mike Honda, a member of the U.S. House of Representative of Japanese descent, who attended the event, said the comfort women issue does not only involve moral concern but also humanitarian responsibility.

Mina Pollmann, an editorial assistant at The Diplomat magazine, who was also present at event, urged Japan to apologize to the former comfort women and compensate them for their suffering in a March 4 blog post. (By Tony Liao and Y.F. Low)

Updated : 2021-10-20 20:33 GMT+08:00