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Chang family to put donations into trust

Chang family to put donations into trust

The Chang family announced yesterday that the balance of the donations collected for the purpose of seeking medical attention for their three sons will be put into a trust fund and all transactions would be transparent to the public.

The father of three adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD boys, Chang Ming-hui (張明輝) said that after a lengthy discussion with their lawyer, they decided the best thing to do is to put the NT$30 million donation into a trust fund.

Chang stressed that the family is fully aware that the money came as the result of the kindness of the Taiwanese people and should be used only for his sons' medical treatment. Not once have the parents ever used the money for their own purposes, Chang said.

Chang said he will return to his original job with the Kaohsiung city government and his wife will go back to the school where she taught for many years.

"My wife and I are not overly concerned with our sons' education. What we really care about is their health and happiness," said Chang.

Last year, the Changs became a household name when the plight of the three boys was made public. The family was able to raise over NT$74 million in less than 72 hours.

At that time, doctors at the National Taiwan University Hospital said the eldest son still had a chance for full recovery if he received a bone marrow transplant immediately. It was however too late for the second son who was already paralyzed by the disease and the youngest did not need to have the procedure since he had not shown any symptoms of the disease.

However, instead of staying in Taiwan where NTUH doctors have successfully performed the same procedure on another ALD boy, the Changs opted to take the boys to the United States.

After the boys had been under the care U.S. doctors at the University of Minnesota Medical Center for one year, the doctors decided to postpone the operation on grounds that the eldest son was not a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Updated : 2022-05-27 07:33 GMT+08:00