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Taiwan Lantern Festival opens with shows

Taiwan Lantern Festival opens with shows

Taiwan Lantern Festival opens with shows

The 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival officially opens on February 22, the day on which this year’s traditional Lantern Festival falls, and last until Mar 6 in Taoyuan City.

The festival site is a 32-hectare belt starting from the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Taoyuan Station Square and expanding till the Qingtan Garden.

This year’s festival features a main theme lantern, secondary lanterns, and many other lantern theme areas. Optoelectronics are used to present images which manifest Taoyuan’s culture, technology and visions.

The event, taking place in Taoyuan for the first time, also features performances by well-known local and international performance groups.

This year’s performances will take place in the evenings of the rehearsal day on Feb. 21 and the opening day on Feb. 22, and on the night of the closing day on March 6. Performances on each night end with a fireworks show.

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The Tourism Bureau held the first Lantern Festival in 1990. This year, the event enters its 27th year. Each year, the festival features a main theme lantern based on the Chinese zodiac animal of that year. This is complemented by secondary lanterns and areas highlighting different decorative lantern themes.

Since that time, the Lantern Festival has become a highlight event in Taiwan during the Lunar New Year holiday.