A new chapter on Taiwanese literature - New immigrants and their stories

After holding the Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants, the Brilliant Time bookstore is organizing a literature workshop to increase a sense of participation amongst new immigrants, where the plan is to have them write down stories based on their mothers. The Brilliant Time has invited a number of esteemed biographers and history experts as lecturers. Meanwhile, Taiwan-born immigrants are also welcomed to take part in the workshop. Founder and CEO of The Brilliant Time Chang Zhen indicated that by holding the literature workshop, he hopes to help Taiwan-born immigrants to become more acquainted with their origins and promulgate a sense of pride in their heritage, while crediting their mothers for finding a home away from home in Taiwan. “Our mother’s story” is part of the publisher's ”Taiwan-born immigrant literature” project, through which it hopes to promote the growing interaction between local and Southeast Asian writers. Chang also wishes to help nurture self-esteem and confidence amongst Taiwan-born immigrants by compiling their family stories. "On the other hand, our goal is to help immigrant mothers gain their place in society and to help reduce misunderstandings the local populace typically have on foreign spouses," he said. The workshop is located at The Brilliant Time bookstore. Tuition is free of charge. For more information, please visit: https://tlamsince2014.wordpress.com/