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Traffic remains smooth after Zhongxiao Bridge demolition

Traffic remains smooth after Zhongxiao Bridge demolition

Traffic remains smooth on first working day

Traffic conditions at the intersection between Zhonghua Road and Zhongxiao West Road remained smooth on the first working day after the Lunar New Year holiday, reports said Monday.

“A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder,” Taipei Department of Transportation Commissioner Chung Hui-yu said, responding to the local media that average speed of motor traffic managed to maintain at 20km/h during the morning rush hour.

Last weekend, the Taipei city government urged motorists who commute via the newly demolished overpass to Zhongxiao Bridge to allow themselves additional travel time during workdays in anticipation of traffic congestion.

The city government had originally planned to close off the roads around the overpass, but decided to reopen them two days earlier because the demolition work was completed ahead of schedule.

Former Department of Transportation commissioner Jason Lin pointed out that plans to demolish the bridge had been discussed over in the past, but never came to because supporting measures were inadequate at the time.

The city government began February 7 to demolish the 750-meter overpass that stretched from Zhongxiao West Road near the Taipei Railway Station to Zhongxiao Bridge, which connects downtown Taipei to Sanchong District in New Taipei City.

The stated purpose of the demolition is to ease congestion near the railway station and to enable the nearby historic North Gate to become an important cultural landmark.

Taipei Traffic Department Section Chief Luo Chung-hsien however said there are no better ways to relieve traffic congestion other than urging the public to use public transportation and to pay attention to traffic reports to avoid congestion.