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Weiguan Jinlong builders taken into custody: prosecutors

Weiguan Jinlong builders taken into custody: prosecutors

Weiguan Jinlong builders taken into custody

Construction firm owner Lin Ming-hui and his two business associates were taken into custody Tuesday for facing charges of death caused by professional negligence.

Lin’s company was responsible for constructing the 17-story Weiguan Jinlong building that collapsed Saturday in Tainan due to earthquake, killing more than three dozen people and injured over 500 residents.

The Tainan District Prosecutors Office made the decision to take them into custody after prosecutors found that Lin, with the help of his partners, had started another company under a different business entity after filing for bankruptcy upon completion of the Weiguan apartment several years ago.

Many people have questioned the integrity of the building and its construction company because the latter has gone out of business. Rumors have since been spread about how Weiguan was built with low quality materials. To everyone’s disbelief, aluminum cans were found within the pillars of the building after its collapsed last Saturday.

However, some experts argued that the aluminum cans were used for exterior purposes and have nothing to do with structural integrity, while there are those that said the integrity of Weiguan had been compromised as a result of this unscrupulous practice.

“An ongoing investigation is currently in progress as we take them in for questioning,” Tainan Chief Prosecutor Chen Chien-hung told reporters in Tainan.