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Public warned of Lunar New Year holiday weight gain

Public warned of Lunar New Year holiday weight gain

The superintendent of Taitung Hospital in southeastern Taiwan has warned the public of the dangers of overindulging over the Feb. 6-14 Lunar New Year holiday.

Chu Nien-feng (祝年豐) said that people are usually more relaxed during the holiday, while those who work far from home usually take the opportunity to return home for family reunions, which invariably entails feasting.

People can easily gain weight without being aware, as they relax and grab bites to eat all day over the holiday period, he explained.

People often try to get fit after the New Year holiday, but losing weight takes more time than putting weight on, Chu noted.

Meanwhile, Hsu Ting-hsiang (徐鼎翔), a dietitian at the same hospital, suggested that people should eat balanced meals and try to avoid having snacks and beverages between meals.

In terms of food preparation, Hsu suggested that people should select fresh ingredients, use less salt and oil, and try to cook by boiling or stewing rather than frying.

Besides eating healthily, people should do more exercise, Hsu said, recommending at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, preferably outdoors.

(By Tyson Lu and Yulia Tsao)

Updated : 2022-05-22 04:02 GMT+08:00