NMTH publishes stories on Taiwanese women

NMTH publishes stories on Taiwanese women

The National Museum of Taiwan History (NMTH) published a book depicting the history of local women. The publication titled "Taiwanese Women Stories" comes in two editions which detail the history of women and their biographies.

The compilation is the first set of feminist books with the widest points of view and most thorough and concise content at the same time.

The published book and its website dedicated to Taiwanese women have both been rewarded with “Innovation of gender equality” in 2015, a project held by a government department of the Executive Yuan.

Inside the book, it tells the events of Taiwanese women in chronological order, emphasizing that Taiwanese women were never absent from the progress of history. The life story book observes the life of Taiwanese women from different angles such as custom and social status.

The NMTH has been dedicating to promoting gender equality, through the publishing of the Taiwanese women stories set, NMTH is looking forward to introducing the perseverance of Taiwanese women to the public.

Updated : 2021-04-13 03:03 GMT+08:00