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Woman drugged, robbed during visit to Philippines

Woman drugged, robbed during visit to Philippines

Travelers to the Philippines should be aware of robbers who drug their targets, after a Taiwanese woman recently fell victim, according to Taiwan's representative office in the Southeast Asian country.

The office said Wednesday that it was contacted on Feb. 1 by a Taiwanese man, who arrived in Manila on Jan. 31 but was unable to get in touch with his wife, who had arrived in the Philippines on Jan. 26.

Shortly following the man's report, the office was notified that the woman, surnamed Chiang, was found in a hospital.

According to Chiang, she was on her way to take the metro in Mandaluyong City in Metro Manila on Jan. 31, when she was approached by four elderly women who proposed that they share a taxi.

During the taxi ride, one of the women offered Chiang one of the candies she was eating, but Chiang said she lost consciousness after eating what was given to her.

Chiang was later found abandoned on the street without her money, valuables and handset and was later taken to a hospital.

Representatives of the office visited Chiang in the hospital and helped contact Philippine police to report the robbery. Chiang and her husband were scheduled to return to Taiwan on Wednesday.

Similar robberies have been reported in the Philippines in the past, and the office reminded visitors to remain cautious and not to accept food or drinks from strangers. (By Emerson Lim and Kay Liu)

Updated : 2021-05-08 08:38 GMT+08:00