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Taipei bus fare hike postponed until July

Taipei bus fare hike postponed until July

Taipei bus fare hike postponed until July

Responding to recent media reports on possible adjustments to the fare of city buses, Taipei Public Transportation Office Director Chen Jung-ming assured Wednesday that there will not be a hike in the first half of this year.

The bus fare increase was scheduled to be implemented beginning March, from NT$15 to NT$16, but in view of the depreciating cost of fuel, the plan has been pushed back for further review.

Noting the importance of energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, Chen pointed out that the city government has always encouraged the public to utilize the public transportation system.

The transportation director indicated that oil price is the key factor in deciding whether a fare hike is justified.

In the course of last year, the price of gasoline has dropped significantly from NT$35 per liter to a range between NT$23 to NT$19 as of February 3, while premium diesel is currently priced at NT$16.50 per liter in the morning. The city government said it will consult with the central government to explore the possibility of continuing subsidies.

The Department of Transportation will closely examine the formula for fare calculation proposed by the companies to protect the interests of passengers, Chen said.

Updated : 2021-06-23 02:14 GMT+08:00