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Taipei to ban non-farmers from purchasing weedicides

Taipei to ban non-farmers from purchasing weedicides

Taipei will ban non-farmers in the city from purchasing weedkillers in an effort to prevent their abuse, which causes environmental damage and sometimes poisons people and domestic pets.

The Taipei city government approved a draft bill Tuesday regarding herbicide management, the city's Department of Environmental Protection said, noting that once the bill is passed by the city council, it will allow the city to restrict the distribution of weedicides at source.

Different from pesticides for farmland, weedkillers are often used in residential areas, roadside gutters and parks. Uncontrolled use in cities with dense populations can pollute the living environment of residents, department officials said.

There have also been reports of weedicide poisoning that has killed pet dogs in the city, the officials said.

According to Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics, the number of people who commit suicide by drinking pesticide is over 400 each year, more than half of whom used weedkiller.

Under the draft bill, only registered farmers are allowed to buy weedkillers, and such pesticides can only be used on farmland. Violators are subject to a fine ranging from NT$5,000 (US$149) to US$50,000.

Updated : 2021-08-05 20:43 GMT+08:00