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Environmentalists pitch for Changhua wetland

Environmentalists pitch for Changhua wetland

Several environmental groups in Changhua County called on the county government Tuesday to immediately designate a section of coastline in the county as a world-grade national wetland and devote more efforts to ecological and environmental protection there.

In response, the county government said that the Wild Bird Society of Changhua and the Wild Bird Society of the Republic of China have submitted the wetland proposal to the Ministry of the Interior, which would demarcate the section of coastline from south of the Changbin Industrial Zone to the Chuoshui river estuary.

The proposal was discussed by environmental groups from the county in a meeting held by the ministry. However, it has remained pending because a consensus over the proposal failed to be achieved during the meeting, according to the county government.

At a press conference Tuesday, several environmental protection groups, including the Changhua Environmental Protection Alliance and the Wild Bird Society of Changhua, issued the proposal again.

Hung Hsin-yiu, deputy director-general of the Changhua Environmental Protection Alliance, said during a visit to the county's Fangyuan beach that in 2011, President Ma Ying-jeou promised to demarcate the land encompassing the coastal towns of Fangyuan and Dacheng originally preserved for the Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Co. project as a national wetland.

Changhua Magistrate Wei Ming-ku also signed a pledge of environmental protection in support of making the coastline an international wetland during his election campaign in 2014.

However, Wei has not acted on the proposal over the past year since he took office.

According to a statement issued by the environmental protection groups, according to a wetland conservation plan mapped out by the Construction and Planning Agency under the Ministry of the Interior, the area designated for the planned Changhua wetland covers 13,000 hectares and has the nation's richest biodiversity.

Updated : 2021-12-07 09:07 GMT+08:00