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Documents to enter foreign country visa-free listed by MOFA

Documents to enter foreign country visa-free listed by MOFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday once again urged Taiwanese nationals to have the required documents ready should they wish to enter a country that has included Taiwan in its visa-waiver program.

The call was issued after a few Taiwanese nationals whose working holiday visas or student visas had expired tried in recent months to re-enter a European country visa-free.

Speaking of the recent cases, Elaine Chen, an official with the ministry's Bureau of Consular Affairs, said at a regular news briefing that they were denied entry because they did not have the required documents for visa-free entry, such as a travel itinerary.

She did not divulge in which European country the incidents occurred.

Chen pointed out that visa-free treatment does not mean that one can enter a foreign country without any conditions. There are certain required documents one should have ready for immigration checks before they are allowed to enter the foreign country, she added.

Such required documents include travel plans, accommodation booking records and return flight tickets.

Meanwhile, each country has its own visa regulations and rules for how visa-free treatment can be applied to travelers whose working holiday or student visas have just expired, Chen said, urging Taiwanese travelers to have required documents ready to avoid being denied entry or even being deported from the country they want to visit.

Taiwanese passport holders enjoy visa waivers, landing visas or e-visas to 161 countries and territories, including the United States, Japan and all 28 European Union member states.