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Eslite Dunnan Store to remain open

Eslite Dunnan Store to remain open

The Eslite Corp. said Tuesday that its Dunnan store will continue business as usual, amid reports that the bookstore will close because the building in which it is housed will be remodeled into a five-star hotel.

The media reported that the building in which the iconic 24-hour bookstore is located covers about 4,630 square meters and the building owner plans to turn it into a business building with 26 stories above ground and seven stories underground.

"The bookstore will not close in the short term," Eslite said, noting that its lease with the building owner will run until 2020.

The announcement made a lot of its fans heave a sigh of relief.

Eslite's Dunnan store has attracted many tourists who have come to Taiwan specifically to pay pilgrimage to the world's first and only 24-hour bookstore.

CNN listed the Eslite Dunnan store as one of the world's 17 coolest bookstores in 2015.

The 17,000-square-meter store made its name by stocking an impressive multi-lingual array of books and magazines, it reported.

Since Eslite opened its first store, the Dunnan store, in 1989, it has continued to expand to 42 stores in Taiwan. It has also opened three stores in Hong Kong and one in China.

Updated : 2021-05-14 19:52 GMT+08:00