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AIT pens song to celebrate Chinese New Year

AIT pens song to celebrate Chinese New Year

Taipei, Feb. 2 (CNA) The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) has extended its wishes for the Year of the Monkey through a self-made music video that has been posted on YouTube and shared on its Facebook page, in the run-up to the Chinese New Year holiday.

Creating a video to send Chinese New Year's greetings has become something of a tradition for the AIT in recent years. But this time, it decided to go with a strategy of "when in Taiwan, do as the Taiwanese do."

Kin Moy, director of the AIT's Taipei Office, called a special planning meeting recently to discuss how to express to the people of Taiwan the depth of the relationship between Taiwan and the United States, according to a video posted on the AIT Facebook page.

The AIT represents U.S. interests in Taiwan in the absence of bilateral diplomatic ties.

"We do so much cooperation between the United States and Taiwan. What I want to do is to be able to say thank you and wish everyone a Happy New Year," Moy said during the meeting.

During the meeting, Joseph Bookbinder, the AIT's public diplomacy section chief, proposed the idea of making an AIT song suitable for the popular local pastime of singing karaoke.

"Since karaoke is so popular in Taiwan, why don't we make an AIT karaoke song to celebrate the New Year?" Bookbinder said, adding that they should make a music video of the song and then invite the public to post their versions on the AIT Facebook page.

When Moy first heard the proposal, he hesitated, because "diplomats should not sing songs on the Internet." "And if we did not sing the song well, it could also affect ties between the U.S. and Taiwan," he said.

But he finally agreed. "We, AIT, just love to have fun," he said in the meeting.

The AIT posted the story behind the karaoke song Tuesday both on its official website, Facebook page and YouTube. Also available are a music video of the song and a karaoke version.

The song was written by John Slover, an AIT public affairs officer, to send Chinese New Year greetings to the Taiwanese people.

The music video features Slover and other AIT officials and staff members singing the song and still images of events promoting cultural, trade and people-to-people ties between Taiwan and the U.S.

The video drew over 700 likes on Facebook within a few hours of its posting. Its Facebook page has also been flooded with positive comments.

"This video is really amazing," one commenter said.

"It feels like the AIT is very close to the Taiwanese people. Happy New Year!" reads another comment. (By Elaine Hou)

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