New speaker says reforms to reach every corner of Legislature

New speaker says reforms to reach every corner of Legislature

Taipei, Feb. 1 (CNA) New Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan said Monday the administration of the Legislature has never been subject to supervision because there has never been a transfer of power in the body's leadership, and he vowed to embark on reforms.

The lack of a change in power has also caused the Legislature to lose touch with the people, and problems related to discipline and personnel appointments have cropped up, said Su in remarks after being sworn into office.

Su's Democratic Progressive Party will hold the leadership positions in the Legislative Yuan for the first time in the country's history after winning an absolute majority in national elections on Jan. 16.

That majority helped Su win the speakership race with 74 votes in the 113-member Legislature earlier Monday.

Revising five laws governing the Legislature will be crucial to rebuilding the body's image and regain public trust, he said, referring to the Organic Law of the Legislative Yuan, the Organic Law of the Committees of the Legislative Yuan, the Legislator Conduct Law, and the Rules of Procedure of the Legislative Yuan.

Su also called for the end of incessant partisan wrangling, and said it would start with the impartiality of the speaker. To that end, he said he and Vice Speaker Tsai Chi-chang would resign from all DPP party posts immediately.

Su described the newly elected body as a new Legislature of the people, and one that will be open and professional in response to public expectations.

In the push for an open and transparent Legislature, Su said legislative caucus and bill consultations and committee meetings will follow those principles.

Meanwhile, President-elect Tsai Ing-wen said on her Facebook page Monday in her capacity as party chairwoman to all DPP legislators that "our goal will be reform, reform and reform." (By Kelven Huang, Sophia Yeh, and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-01-28 21:12 GMT+08:00