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Taipei ranks as 11th best travel destination in Asia: survey

Taipei ranks as 11th best travel destination in Asia: survey

Taipei ranked as the 11th best travel destination in Asia last year among 167 cities rated in a MasterCard survey about, with visitor spending in the city totaling US$9.5 billion, the credit card company said Monday.

In the first MasterCard survey of its kind, Taipei registered 6.4 million international visitors, making it the 11th most traveled Asian city in 2015.

Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo topped the list with 21.9 million, 11.81 million and 11.76 million visitors, respectively.

The interest in Taipei also contributed to the capital city's economy, with the US$9.5 billion the city took in from tourism, the seventh most of all cities in the MasterCard survey.

Taipei also ranked second among the cities surveyed for average length of stay number of nights stayed per visitor at 6.6 nights, trailing only the resort island of Bali, Indonesia.

Japan accounted for 2.3 million visitors to Taipei last year, the most of any country, following by visitors from China (1.8 million) and the United States (560,000), the survey found.

According to the MasterCard report, public data was used to derive the international overnight visitor arrivals and their cross-border spending in each of the destinations, using custom-made algorithms.

It stressed the rankings were not based on MasterCard volumes or transactional data.

There was a discrepancy, however, between the MasterCard breakdown of sources of tourists and official records in Taiwan, one that a spokesperson for the survey could not explain other than to say a different methodology was used.

According to Taiwan's Tourism Bureau, Taiwan had roughly 10 million international arrivals last year, of which 4.1 million came from mainland China, 1.6 million came from Japan, 1.5 million came from Hong Kong and Macau, and 479,000 came from the United States.

(By Y.Y. Tsai and Lee Hsin-Yin)

Updated : 2022-01-29 03:42 GMT+08:00