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Dry, cold weather forecast for Chinese New Year's Eve

Dry, cold weather forecast for Chinese New Year's Eve

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has forecast dry and cold weather for Chinese New Year's Eve on Feb. 7, with temperatures likely to drop to 10 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan that day.

Taiwan will be under the influence of two continental cold air masses beginning Monday. The first cold air mass, as well as clouds and rain from southern China, will affect Taiwan from Monday to Wednesday, sending temperatures to lows of 13 degrees Celsius in the north and northeast and increasing chances of rainfall around Taiwan.

The second cold air mass, a strong continental cold front, is expected to arrive on Feb. 5, pushing the mercury down to 12 degrees in the north on Feb. 5 and 6, according to the bureau.

Starting from Feb. 6, the weather will gradually become drier, with short showers expected only in eastern Taiwan and mountainous areas in the north, the bureau said.

On New Year's Eve, temperatures will drop further to 10 degrees in the north, while other areas will also see their lowest temperatures of the week that day, reaching 11 degrees in the northeast, 12 degrees in central Taiwan, and 13 degrees in the south and the east, bureau data showed.

Meanwhile, as clouds and rain from southern China move east, the bureau forecast a 90 percent chance of rain in Yilan and areas north of Hsinchu on Monday.

It issued a heavy rain alert for Keelung and Hsinchu City and a strong wind alert for 17 counties and cities in Taiwan that day.

(By Christie Chen and Wang Shu-fen)